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Table 4 Improvements in classification accuracy based on features extracted from all nuclei together (No Ep/St. Sep.) vs. features extracted from epithelial nuclei and stromal nuclei separately (Ep/St Sep.), ranked via the PCA-VIP feature selection scheme, and used to train an SVM classifier. All AUC scores were generated using 3-fold cross validation

From: Quantitative nuclear histomorphometry predicts oncotype DX risk categories for early stage ER+ breast cancer

Experiment No Ep/St Separation Ep/St Separation AUC Improvement
High-High vs. Low-Low 0.71 0.83 0.12
High vs. Low 0.61 0.72 0.11
Low vs. Intermediate and High 0.55 0.58 0.03
Low and Intermediate vs. High 0.55 0.65 0.1
Average 0.61 0.7 0.09