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Table 5 RT qPCR shows negative fold change of gene expression in PAX6 KO cells compared to WT. ∆∆Ct method was used for analysis

From: Generation of a PAX6 knockout glioblastoma cell line with changes in cell cycle distribution and sensitivity to oxidative stress

Gene abbreviation Protein name Fold change # ± SD
MMP2 Matrix metalloproteinase 2 −5.0 ± 1.50
CAV-1 Caveolin-1 −2.0 ± 0.24
CCND1/ cyclin D1 Cyclin D1 −2.4 ± 0.14
CDKN1B/ p27 Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B (p27Kip1) −1.5
NFE2L2 / Nrf2 Nuclear factor (erythroid-derived2)-like 2
NFE2L2 or Nrf2
−3.7 ± 0.68
  1. The relative amount of target gene normalized to the average expression of the two reference genes TFRC and GAPDH was determined using the ΔΔCt-method [71]. WT values were put as 1, and fold change according to this were calculated for the other cell types/treatments