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Table 3 Gene ontology analysis identifies steroid, sterol and cholesterol biosynthesis among the most significantly altered pathways in prostate cancer

From: Cholesterol synthesis pathway genes in prostate cancer are transcriptionally downregulated when tissue confounding is minimized

GO term q-value using Bertilsson gene- set q-value using Chen gene-set
Cell Adhesion 6.7e-8 6.6e-8
Signal 1.3e-7 1.6e-8
Glycoprotein 2.0e-8 1.1e-7
Steroid Biosynthesis 5.4e-6 4.3e-6
Cholesterol Biosynthesis 3.7e-4 1.7e-5
  1. Footnote: The analysis was performed using the top 500 ranked genes from the balanced analysis in the five-study-cohort as input to DAVID. Only the top terms are listed. All terms are from the category “SP_PIR_KEYWORDS”. The top categories were the same when the top 1000 ranked genes were used. All terms related to steroid, sterol and cholesterol synthesis were part of the same functional cluster in DAVID