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Table 1 Schedule for collecting clinical and demographic details

From: Improving quality of life through the routine use of the patient concerns inventory for head and neck cancer patients: a cluster preference randomized controlled trial

Timepoint Trial Period
  Enrolment Baseline clinic Follow up clinics
Gender X   
DOB X   
IMD 2015 X   
Smoking and Drinking Details   X Xa
Living Situation   X  
Employment   X  
Income   X  
Primary Diagnosis (ICD code) X   
Tumour Site X   
Treatment Plan X   
Ethnicity X   
TNM Stage X   
Cancer Staging X   
Histology (SNOMED) X   
HPV Status X   
Co-Morbidity X   
ACE 27 X   
  1. aCompletion at patient 6 and 12 month study visit