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Fig. 6

From: Bortezomib prevents cytarabine resistance in MCL, which is characterized by down-regulation of dCK and up-regulation of SPIB resulting in high NF-κB activity

Fig. 6

Assessment of NF-κB proteins in Z138-CytES and Z138-CytR cells compared to Z138-CytNS cells and with dCK re-expressed. a Due to the known connection between SPIB and the NF-κB pathway, protein expression of NF-κB and IKBα was assessed with western blot. GAPDH was used as loading control. b Western blot analysis of NF-κB, IKBα and SPIB protein levels in cells 48 h after transfection with ORF plasmid containing dCK. GAPDH was used as loading control. c Relative protein expression in the samples, normalized against GAPDH and with the Z138-CytR control sample set to 1 for each protein. Both western blot and calculated relative protein expression are representative figures of three biological replicates

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