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Fig. 1

From: MTH1 deficiency selectively increases non-cytotoxic oxidative DNA damage in lung cancer cells: more bad news than good?

Fig. 1

MTH1 is efficiently knocked down in various lung cancer cell lines and normal lung fibroblasts. Western blots to determine MTH1 protein levels in cell cultures grown in media without transfection reagent (no siRNA), or following transfection with MTH1 siRNA or scramble siRNA. a H23. b A549. c H522. d MRC-5. Representative day 4 blots shown. Day 4 MTH1 band intensities were normalized to corresponding α-Tubulin loading control bands, and then siRNA samples were normalised to corresponding no siRNA bands. Numbers of independent experiments (n) are indicated. Mean values and SD were calculated from the normalised values of the independent experiments. Error bars represent SD. Asterisks represent a significant difference between MTH1 siRNA and corresponding no siRNA normalised values (****P < 0.0001, *P < 0.05)

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