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Table 3 Correlations between gene (mRNA) and protein (IHC) expression of CTSK and clinical and pathological parameters of the included OSCC cohort (n = 83)

From: Cathepsin K associates with lymph node metastasis and poor prognosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma

mRNA IHC tumor IHC stroma
Clinical characteristic
 Smoking history NS NS NS
 Alcohol consumption p < 0.01 NS NS
 cT status NS NS NS
 cN status NS NS NS
 Subsite NS NS NS
Pathological characteristic
 pN-status p < 0.01 p < 0.01 p < 0.01
 pT-status NS NS NS
 Infiltration depth NS NS NS
 Differentiation grade NS NS NS
 Vaso-invasion p < 0.01 NS NS
 Bone-invasion NS NS NS
 Peri-neural invasion p < 0.01 p < 0.01 NS
 Spidery growth NS NS NS
  1. Cases were stratified according to clinical and pathological characteristics. Smoking history was dichotomized to current smoker or ceased < 1 year versus ex-smoker (ceased > 1 year) and never smoker. Alcohol consumption was dichotomized to 1–4 or ≥ 5 U/day versus occasionally or never. Clinical and pathological nodal status (cN and pN) were dichotomized to cN0 versus cN+ and to pN0 versus pN+. Infiltration was dichotomized to < 4 mm versus ≥4 mm. Differentiation was dichotomized to well and moderate versus poor and undifferentiated. P-values represent the Mann-Whitney U test of these comparisons. IHC: immunohistochemistry; mRNA: messenger ribonucleic acid; NS: non-significant