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Table 1 LAST Study Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: Design and rationale for the life after stopping tyrosine kinase inhibitors (LAST) study, a prospective, single-group longitudinal study in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia

Inclusion Criteria
 Age 18 or older
 Willing and able to give informed consent
 Diagnosed with CML in chronic phase and have either the b3a2 (e14a2) or b2a2 (e13a2) variants that give rise to the p210 BCR-ABL protein
 Currently taking imatinib, dasatinib, nilotinib or bosutinib
 Has been on TKI therapy for at least 3 years
 Documented BCR-ABL < 0.01% or undetectable BCR-ABL by RQ-PCR for at least 2 years according to the patient’s local lab
 Documented BCR-ABL < 0.01% or undetectable BCR-ABL by RQ-PCR at least 3 times prior to screening according to the patient’s local lab
 Two (2) Screening PCRs have been completed and both results are < 0.01% (better than MR4, i.e,. > 4 log reduction) by central lab
 Has been on any number of TKIs, but has not been resistant to any TKI (changes made for intolerance are allowed)
 Has been compliant with therapy per treating physician
Exclusion Criteria
 Prior hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
 Poor compliance with taking TKI
 Unable to comply with lab appointments schedule and PRO assessments
 Life expectancy less than 36 months
 Resistant to previous TKI therapy
 Pregnant or lactating women