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Table 1 List of genes whose ψ value change by over 25% in hypoxia

From: Hypoxia leads to significant changes in alternative splicing and elevated expression of CLK splice factor kinases in PC3 prostate cancer cells

Gene name Gene function Function of splice isoform Change in splice isoform expression after hypoxia
APAFl Required for the formation of the apoptosome in apoptosis [32] Exon 17a codes for a WDR domain required for the formation of the apoptosome [33] Exon 17a skipping is favoured in hypoxia
BTN2A2 Involved in immune tolerance in cancer Exon 5 skipping forms a truncated protein that negatively regulates the full length protein involved in immune tolerance [39] Increased exon inclusion, which promotes immune tolerance
CDC42BPA Reorganisation of the cytoskeleton, formation of filopodia and assignment of cellular polarity. Implicated in cancer cell motility and invasion Unknown function Decrease in exon inclusion in hypoxia.
FGFR10P Ciliogenesis, cellular motility, cell growth and cell cycle progression Unknown function Exon skipping favoured in hypoxia
MBP Formation of the myelin sheath. Elevated in breast cancer and lung cancer patients with brain metastasis Unknown function. Exon skipping favoured in hypoxia.
PTPN13 Competing roles as a tumour suppressor and oncogene Unknown function. Decrease in exon inclusion in hypoxia
PUF60 Modulates alternative splicing through recognition of 3′ splice sites. Regulates c-myc transcription Exon 5 skipping results in expression of an isoform known as FIR, a c-myc repressor [40, 41] Expression of anti-oncogenic FIR isoform favoured in hypoxia.
RAP1GDS1 Activates multiple small GTPases in the Rho and Ras families Exon 5 skipping produces SmgGDS-558 which plays a greater role in proliferation and NFkB activity than the full-length SmgGDS-607 splice variant [42]). Hypoxia favours the smgGDS-558 isoform.
SYNE2 Influences the shape and migration properties of cells Exon 107 encodes a domain required for scaffolding for protein-protein interactions [43]. Exon skipping favoured in hypoxia
TTC23 Unknown function but expression linked to cervical, bladder and prostate cancers. Unknown function Exon inclusion favoured in hypoxia.
UTRN Maintenance of the cytoskeleton Unknown function Exon skipping increased in hypoxia.