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Fig. 6

From: Hypoxia leads to significant changes in alternative splicing and elevated expression of CLK splice factor kinases in PC3 prostate cancer cells

Fig. 6

Changes in the expression of the CLK family of splice factor kinases in response to hypoxia and the effect of CLK1 inhibition on caspase 9 splicing. a PC3 cells were exposed for 16 h to three different hypoxic conditions; 1.0%, 0.2% and 0.0% oxygen and N (normoxia). The relative expression of CLK1 and of its homologue CLK3 are shown, normalised to the housekeeping gene RPL31A. b PC3 cells were treated for 48 h with the CLK1 inhibitor TG003; the effect on alternative splicing of CASP9 is shown. c Microarray time-course showing the expression of four CLKs over 24 h in 0% hypoxia in DU145 (prostate), HT29 (colon) and MCF7 (breast) cancer cell lines

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