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Table 1 Thematic map of analysis

From: Threat of biographical disruption: the gendered construction and experience of infertility following cancer for women and men

Threat of biographical disruption: Impact of infertility on life course and identity
  “It’s is hard to feel like a true adult until you have a child”: Parenthood as central to adulthood
   Born to be a parent: Desire for parenthood
   Parenthood as central to adult identity:
  “I feel like an inadequate failure”: Infertility as a threat to gender identity
   Fraudulent woman: Infertility as a threat to femininity
   Inferior and impotent: Threat to masculine identity
  “The worst part is waiting and worrying”: Unknown fertility status and delayed parenthood
   Uncertainty and anxiety of fertility status
   Difficulty of needing to wait
   Impact of cancer on future children
   Men avoiding fertility assessment
  “Mourning the loss of future children”: Feelings of loss and grief
  “Being made to feel more inadequate on a regular basis”: Absence of understanding and support
   Conflict or withdrawal: absence of partner support
   Judgement or discomfort: negative responses of friends and family
   Absence of understanding or information from health care professionals.
  “Having children is second to living”: Benefit finding and renegotiation of identity
   Accepting a life without children
   Nurturing through other means
   Re-evaluating life priorities – renegotiating identity
   Importance of support from significant others
   Health care professional support