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Fig. 7

From: Stellate cells and mesenchymal stem cells in benign mammary stroma are associated with risk factors for breast cancer – an observational study

Fig. 7

Representative images demonstrating single immunohistochemical labelings performed on morphologically normal breast specimens from 90 patients. The immunolabeling was used for quantitative assessments of ALDH1, SSEA3, and tryptase r/o and/or s/p cells that were statistically evaluated in relation to patient groups. a and b The two identified ALDH1 immunoreactive cell types: r/o (thick arrows) and s/p (thin arrows). c and d Images showing the identified r/o SSEA3+ cell type (arrows). e and f Images illustrating the identified tryptase r/o cell type (arrows). Scale bars: 50 μm in a, c, and e; 10 μm in b, d, and f

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