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Fig. 3

From: The long non-coding RNA MYCNOS-01 regulates MYCN protein levels and affects growth of MYCN-amplified rhabdomyosarcoma and neuroblastoma cells

Fig. 3

MYCN transcript and protein expression after MYCNOS-01 knockdown in intermediate and low MYCN-expressing RMS and NB. qRT-PCR detecting MYCNOS-01 transcript level after MYCNOS-01 knockdown for 72 h with three siRNAs in (a) RH30 and (d) SY5Y. Corresponding MYCN transcript level shown in (b) RH30 and (e) SY5Y. Expression relative to NT control. (c) MYCN protein levels after MYCNOS-01 knockdown for 72 h and 96 h with three siRNAs in RH30. GAPDH used as loading control. Densitometry values shown above each blot normalised to GAPDH and relative to NT control. Data representative of three repeats. NT = non-targeting control. Relative expression of transcripts in these cell lines are indicated in Additional file 2: Figure S2E

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