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Table 1 Eligibility criteria - inclusions and exclusions

From: A randomised trial to compare cognitive outcome after gamma knife radiosurgery versus whole brain radiation therapy in patients with multiple brain metastases: research protocol CAR-study B

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
 • Histologically proven malignant cancer • Primary brain tumour
 • Gadolinium-enhanced volumetric MRI-scan showing 11–20 newly diagnosed BM • A second active primary tumour
• Small Cell Lung Cancer, Lymphoma, Leukaemia, Meningeal disease
 • Cumulative tumour volume in the brain ≤30 cm3 • Prior brain treatment (radiation/surgery)
 • Lesion > 3 mm from the optic apparatus • Upfront planned surgery after GKRS
 • Patient age ≥ 18 years • History of a significant neurological or psychiatric disorder
 • Karnofsky Performance Status ≥70 • Participation in a concurrent study in which neuropsychological or quality of life assessments are involved
 • Anticipated survival ≥3 months • Underlying medical condition precluding adequate follow-up
 • Patient informed consent obtained (verifying that patients are aware of the investigational nature of this study) • Patients unable to complete test battery due to any of the following reasons:
 • Patients can be undergoing concurrent systemic therapy at the discretion of their treating oncologist  Lack of basic proficiency in Dutch
 IQ < 85
 Severe aphasia
 Paralysis grade 0–3 (MRC scale)
 Severe visual problems