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Table 3 Breast cancer subtype and selected initial treatment for patients with P-CUP with breast cancer features

From: Prognostic impact of presumed breast or ovarian cancer among patients with unfavorable-subset cancer of unknown primary site

Breast cancer subtype by using IHC Number Treatment given as initial therapy
ER + and or PgR +, and HER-2 - 3 TAM + LH-RH (1), arimidex (2)
ER+ and or PgR +, and HER-2 + 1 PTX + HCN (1)
ER- and PgR –, and HER-2 + 1 CBDCA+PTX + HCN (1)
ER- and PgR-, and HER-2 - 1 CBDCA+PTX
ER- and PgR-, and HER-2 unknown 1 AC (1)
  1. ER estrogen receptor, PgR progesterone receptor, HER-2 human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, TAM tamoxifen, LH-RH luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone analog, PTX paclitaxel, HCN trastuzumab, CBDCA carboplatin, AC doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide