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Fig. 1

From: In vitro and in silico validation of CA3 and FHL1 downregulation in oral cancer

Fig. 1

RT-PCR analysis of CA3, FHL1, ANXA6, WDR26, HMGN4, C9orf64, FSTL1, CCN1, SAR1B and NFE2L1 expression in five HNSCC cell lines (represented above). Note, the expression of CA3 is not detectable in JHU-13 (O13) cell line and FHL1 is downregulated in FaDu cell line. Legend: (Ladder) 100 bp DNA Ladder (Invitrogen). + positive control (SW 480 tumor cell line) and NTC (no template control). ACTB mRNA was used to evaluate quantity in each RT-PCR reaction

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