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Fig. 1

From: Factors associated with breast cancer recurrences or mortality and dynamic prediction of death using history of cancer recurrences: the French E3N cohort

Fig. 1

Individual predicted probabilities of death for 3 patient profiles, with or without a history of relapses using joint frailty models. P1: probability of death considering exactly J recurrent events, P2: probability of death not considering the history of recurrent events. Low-risk profile: Estrogen/Progesterone receptor status = +/+, Grade = 1, Tumor size≤2 cm, Axillary nodal involvement = no, recent MHT use before diagnosis = yes, Smoking status = never smoker, Year of diagnosis = 2004–2008, Age at breast cancer diagnosis≤50 years, Menopausal status = postmenopausal woman - less than 5 years of cumulated MHT use. Medium-risk profile: Estrogen/Progesterone receptor status = +/−, Grade = 2, Tumor size≥2 cm, Axillary nodal involvement = no, recent MHT use before diagnosis = yes, Smoking status = ex-smoker, Year of diagnosis = 1995–1999, Age at breast cancer diagnosis = [50–60) years, Menopausal status = premenopausal woman. High-risk profile: Estrogen/Progesterone receptor status = −/−, Grade = 3–4, Tumor size≥2 cm, Axillary nodal involvement = yes, recent MHT use before diagnosis = no, Smoking status = smoker, Year of diagnosis = 1990–1994, Age at breast cancer diagnosis≥70 years, Menopausal status = postmenopausal woman - no use of MHT

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