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Fig. 3

From: Nc886 is epigenetically repressed in prostate cancer and acts as a tumor suppressor through the inhibition of cell growth

Fig. 3

In vitro effect of the overexpression of nc886 in tumor cell proliferation and invasion. a Expression of nc886 in DU145 and LNCaP nc886 overexpressing relative to control cell line. Expression levels of nc886 were determined using RT and qPCR with specific primers (see Methods) and RNAU6 was used as and endogenous control of RNA amount. b Cell viability assay by MTT for DU145 and LNCaP cell lines overexpressing nc886 and control hairpin RNA. The absorbance at 72hs (570-690 nm) is shown as percentage. c Flow cytometric cell cycle assay based on DNA content measured with propidium iodide. The cumulative percentage of cells at the different cell cycle phases are shown for DU145 cell line overexpressing nc886 and control hairpin RNA. d Matrigel invasion assay of DU145 (3 replicates) and LNCaP (4 replicates) overexpressing nc886 and control hairpin RNA. Percentage invasion for nc886 overexpressing cell lines was calculated relative to control cell lines. * P value < 0.05; ** P-value < 0.01; *** P-value < 0.0001 two tailed t-test

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