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Table 3 Networks and strategies of coverage worldwide

From: Fertility preservation healthcare circuit and networks in cancer patients worldwide: what are the issues?

Location National Health networks Role and Actions of the network Tools Other cooperating networks
USA National Physicians Cooperative (NPC) 59 clinical sites across the US
Information for patients, personalized management plan for patients
Global fertility hotline
Biological research
Provides optimized protocols (including non biological parenting options)
  • American society for reproductive Medicine (ASRM)
• American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
American Oncofertility Consortium Produce guidelines
Share informed consent document and consensus group decisions
Implement standardized protocols
Research into the societal, ethical and legal implications providing new perspectives on patient decision making
iSave Fertility app for physicians in English and Spanish
Myoncofertility website for patients, parents and partners
Canada Oncofertility Referral Network Platform that links patients, physicians and fertility clinics
Resources for professionals
Resources for patients
  • The government agency Assisted Human Reproduction Canada
• Canadian Cancer Society
• Cancer Knowledge Network (Journal current oncology)
Brazil Rede Brasileira de Oncofertilidade/ Brasilian Oncofertility Consortium 8 centers throughout Brazil
Establish research projects and exchange on fertility options
Australia/ New Zealand Australasian Oncofertility Registry Collect complete oncofertility data set from cancer and fertility centers
Research projects
  • Australasian Oncofertility Consumer group