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Table 6 The Association Between CD8+: FOXP3+ T Cell Ratio (Breast Tumour, ALN Metastases, ALNs(a) and Subsequent PCR Following NAC(b)

From: Tumour-draining axillary lymph nodes in patients with large and locally advanced breast cancers undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC): the crucial contribution of immune cells (effector, regulatory) and cytokines (Th1, Th2) to immune-mediated tumour cell death induced by NAC

Sites Groups Median (Range)(c) P Value(d) (PCR Versus Non PCR)
Primary breast tumours, n = 33 (CD8+: FOXP3+ T cell ratio) Tumours with pCR 7.40 (0.27-45.00) 0.002e
Tumours with non pCR 1.48 (0.18-6.04)
ALN metastatic tumours, n = 20 (CD8+: FOXP3+ T cell ratio) Metastatic tumours with pCR 5.87 (1.35-21.92) 0.080
Metastatic tumours with non pCR 1.93 (0.40-7.20)
ALNs, n = 24 (%CD8+: %FOXP3+ T cell ratio) ALNs with pCR 7.24 (3.33-75.00) 0.006e
ALNs with non pCR 3.19 (1.78-8.00)
  1. (a)ALNs: Axillary lymph nodes (metastatic but tumour-free paracortical area); (b)NAC: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy; (c)Ratio of CD8+:FOXP3+ T cells (see Materials and Methods); (d)Mann-Whitney U test; eStatistically significant