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Fig. 1

From: Exome sequencing of primary breast cancers with paired metastatic lesions reveals metastasis-enriched mutations in the A-kinase anchoring protein family (AKAPs)

Fig. 1

a Number of nonsynonymous somatic mutations in recurrently mutated cancer genes. Mutations in genes previously reported mutated in different cancers (COSMIC). The primary tumors and metastases carried an average of 6 (range: 0–20) and 24 (range: 2–58) nonsynonymous mutations respectively (p < 0.001; Student’s t-test). b Number of nonsynonymous somatic mutations in all captured exomic regions. Primary tumors showed an average of 222 nonsynonymous mutations (range: 11–825) whereas the mutational load in metastases was significantly greater in metastases (average: 706, range: 51–1411; p < 0.05; Student’s t-test). c Number of somatic mutations shared in primary tumor and its corresponding metastatic lesion. All variant positions occurring in the pairs of primary and metastatic lesions were selected including those with less than 5 tumor variant reads. The positions were manually investigated as described in methods section

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