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Table 1 Composition of each material

From: New paste for severe stomatitis in patients undergoing head-and-neck cancer radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy with oral appliance

Dexi   Moist   Vase  
Active component Dexamethasone Active component Hinokitiol
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate
Active component White vaseline
Additive Liquid paraffin
Sodium polyacrylate
Sweetener Xylitol   
   Solubilizing agent Polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil   
   Preservative Sodium benzoate   
   Preservative A hydrogenphosphate melanian snail thorium
Citric acid
Humecant sodium hyaluronate (2)
Concentrated glycerin
A propylene glycol
   Solvent Purified water
   Binding agent Sodium polyacrylate
A carrageenan
   Stabilizer An edetic acid melanian snail thorium   
   Flavor Rifrecare H and menthol   
  1. Dexi: dexamethasone ointment (Dexaltin® Oral Ointment); Moist: gel for oral care (Refrecare H®); Vase: petrolatum