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Table 3 Logistic Regression Analysis: Odds of Vertebral Fracture among Women in the BCS and PK-VF Study Cohorts, Combined (N = 400)

From: Vertebral fractures among breast cancer survivors in China: a cross-sectional study of prevalence and health services gaps

Variable Univariate Model Multivariable Model
OR 95%CI OR 95%CI
Breast Cancer Survivor 3.41 1.42–8.17c 4.16 1.69–10.21c
Age years 1.08 1.01–1.17c 1.10 1.02–1.20b
BMI kg/m2 0.90 0.78–1.03
Education ≥High School 0.85 0.39–1.83
Parity 1.49 0.93–2.37a
Age of Menarche years 1.08 0.92–1.27
Personal History of Fracture 0.60 0.18–0.12
Calcium Supplement Use 0.48 0.21–1.12a 0.37 0.15–0.89b
25OHD Level ng/mL 1.00 0.95–1.05
  1. Continuous variables: Age, BMI, Parity, Age of Menarche, 25OHD level. Categorical variables: Breast Cancer Survivor (reference: Peking Vertebral Fracture Study participant), Education (reference: ≤middle school), Personal History of Fracture (reference: no history of fracture), Calcium Supplement Use (reference: no supplement use)
  2. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, BMI body mass index, 25OHD 25-hydroxy vitamin D
  3. a < 0.1
  4. b < .05
  5. c < .01