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Table 2 G8 Screening Tool

From: The PANDA study: a randomized phase II study of first-line FOLFOX plus panitumumab versus 5FU plus panitumumab in RAS and BRAF wild-type elderly metastatic colorectal cancer patients

  Items Possible Answers
A Has food intake declined over the past 3 months due to loss of appetite, digestive problems, chewing or swallowing difficulties? 0: severe reduction in food intake
1: moderate reduction in food intake
2: normal food intake
B Weight loss during the last 3 months? 0: weight loss > 3 kg
1: does not know
2: weight loss between 1 and 3 kg
3: no weight loss
C Mobility 0: bed or chair bound
1: able to get out of bed/chair but does not go out
2: goes out
D Neuropsychological problems 0: severe dementia or depression
1: mild dementia or depression
2: no psychological problems
F Body Mass Index (weight in kg/height in m2) 0: BMI less than 19
1: BMI 19 to less than 21
2: BMI 21 to less than 23
3: BMI 23 or greater
G Takes more than 3 medications per day 0: yes
1: no
H In comparison with other people of the same age, how does the patient consider his/her health status? 0: not as good
0,5: does not know
1: as good
2: better
I Age 0: > 85
1: 80–85
2: < 80