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Fig. 1

From: Successful treatment with pazopanib plus PD-1 inhibitor and RAK cells for advanced primary hepatic angiosarcoma: a case report

Fig. 1

Abdomen MRI T2WI changes in liver lesions. a Apr-22-2016 MRI showing multiple hepatic lesions found. b Jun-08-2016 MRI showing hepatic lesions increase in number and size. c Jul-22-2016 MRI showing new lesions emerge after RFA. d Aug-18-2016 MRI showing tumor up to PR after first cycle of pazopanib plus PD-1 inhibitor and RAK cell. e-j From Oct-08-2016 to Oct-26-2017 MRI showing tumor stable disease. Arrows indicate the lesion. MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; PR, partial response; RAK cell. RetroNectin-activated killer cells

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