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Fig. 2

From: Intra-arterial ethanol embolization augments response to TACE for treatment of HCC with portal venous tumor thrombus

Fig. 2

Intra-arterial ethanol embolization procedure for different types of PVTT. (A1) A microcatheter was inserted into place: (1) epirubicin injection followed by a gelatin sponge. (A2-A3) The microcatheter was withdrawn from its location: (2) lipiodol-ethanol mixture injection (1 ml/s), followed by a gelatin sponge. (B1) Same method as described in A1. (B2) A microcatheter was placed to permit the gelatin sponge to block the draining vessel. (B3) Lipiodol-ethanol mixture injection followed by gelatin sponge is shown

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