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Table 2 Pathway analysis of miR-34a-related genes

From: Analysis of microarrays of miR-34a and its identification of prospective target gene signature in hepatocellular carcinoma

term count P value genes
hsa04510:Focal adhesion 8 5.09E-04 CCND1, MAP2K1, PGF, BCL2, MET, VEGFA, PDGFRA, RELN
hsa04115:p53 signaling pathway 5 0.001385856 CCNE2, CCND1, SERPINE1, CDK6, IGFBP3
hsa04110:Cell cycle 6 0.001921952 CCNE2, E2F3, CCND1, E2F5, CDK6, CDC25A
hsa04060:Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 6 0.039495189 CCL22, MET, VEGFA, PDGFRA, KITLG, KIT
hsa04330:Notch signaling pathway 3 0.045372273 NOTCH2, NOTCH1, JAG1
  1. The genes were obtained from the natural language processing (NLP) analysis and 5 signaling pathways were significant (P < = 0.05)