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Table 1 Characteristics of miR-34a gene expression used in the analysis of GEO datasets

From: Analysis of microarrays of miR-34a and its identification of prospective target gene signature in hepatocellular carcinoma

GEO accession Author Sample size Country Platform
HCC patients Healthy controls
GSE10694 Gu et al. 78 88 China GPL6542
GSE12717 Su et al. 10 6 China GPL7274
GSE22058 Burchard 73 73 USA GPL10457
GSE21362 Sato et al. 96 96 Japan GPL10312
GSE31383 Hoshida et al. 9 10 USA GPL10122
GSE36915 Lee et al. 68 21 Taiwan GPL8179
GSE40744 Farci et al. 14 12 USA GPL14613
GSE41874 Okano et al. 6 4 Japan GPL7722
GSE64632 Selaru et al. 6 6 USA GPL18116
GSE67882 Banerjee et al. 4 8 India GPL10850
GSE69580 Hung et al. 5 5 Taiwan GPL10850
GSE20594 Hoshida et al. 45 32 USA GPL10122
GSE67138 Chuang et al. 23 34 USA GPL8786
GSE67139 Chuang et al. 63 57 USA GPL8786