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Table 2 Patients recruited by area and hospital

From: Health services research in patients with breast cancer (CAMISS-prospective): study protocol for an observational prospective study

Region Hospital Valid patients
Catalonia Hospital del Mar, Barcelona 97
Basque Country Hospital Galdakao-Usansolo, Bizkaia 197
Hospital de Cruces, Bizkaia 246
Hospital de Basurto, Bizkaia 125
Hospital de Txagorritxu, Araba 229
H.U. Donostia, San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa 245
Instituto Oncológico, San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa 134
Andalusia Hospital Costa del Sol, Malaga 80
Antequera, Málaga 6
Canary Islands Hospital Nuestra Sra de La Candelaria (Tenerife) 61
Hospital Universitario de Canarias (Tenerife)
Complejo Materno-Insular (Gran Canaria) 36
  Clínica San Roque (Gran Canaria)
Total   1456