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Table 2 Therapy goals and associated CB-EST interventions for participants

From: Feasibility and acceptability of combining cognitive behavioural therapy techniques with swallowing therapy in head and neck cancer dysphagia

  CB-EST Interventions
Therapy goal Swallowing exercises Swallowing posture recommendation Texture modification advice Food selection/preparation advice Size and positioning of bolus advice Education on eating Education on management of choking Sleep/fatigue management Graded behavioural experiments Activity scheduling Exposure/graded tasks Thought records Identifying unhelpful thinking habits
To get feeding tube out (n = 11) x x x x x x x x x x x x x
To increase eating amount (n = 8) x          x x   x
To increase confidence in socialising (n = 4)          x   x x x
Become more confident about eating (n = 4)    x x    x x x     x
Feel better about changes to eating and drinking (n = 2)    x x   x x x   x   x x
To adjust to life without eating and drinking (n = 1)         x x x   x x