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Table 3 Weight values and categorization of tissue types

From: Expitope 2.0: a tool to assess immunotherapeutic antigens for their potential cross-reactivity against naturally expressed proteins in human tissues

Consequence Damage immediately life Damage life threatening Damage not immediately
  threatening   life threatening
Weight 1 0.8 0.5
Tissues Lung/Respiratory system Digestive system Urinary bladder
  Brain/Nervous system (except appendix) Various glands
  Blood/Immune system Soft tissue Prostate
  Heart   Skin
  Kidney   Eye a
Consequence Damage not life Tissue not affected  
Weight 0.3 0  
Tissues Reproductive organs Cancer cell lines  
  Mammary tissue Testis  
  Tonsils Fetal tissue  
  Gall bladder   
  1. aThe weight for eye tissue is set to 0.5, as T cells are able to infiltrate it [30]