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Fig. 4

From: Positive prognostic value of HER2-HER3 co-expression and p-mTOR in gastric cancer patients

Fig. 4

Kaplan-Meier survival curves for overall survival of GC patients. Following clinical parameters have no association with OS: differentiation (a), depth of invasion (b), lymph node metastasis (c) and TNM stage (d). However, overexpression of HER family members, such as HER3 (P = 0.001, f) and HER2-HER3 co-expression (P = 0.005, h) are significantly related to overall survival rate of GC patients. Akt (i), p-Akt (j) and mTOR (k) are not associated with OS. Meanwhile, p-mTOR (l) has tight link with overall survival (P = 0.006)

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