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Table 1 Grading criteria for each histologic change

From: Pathologic analysis of non-neoplastic parenchyma in renal cell carcinoma: a comprehensive observation in radical nephrectomy specimens

  Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
CI no <3 lymphoid aggregates > = 3 lymphoid aggregates diffuse inflammatory cell infiltrate
GS no <25% glomeruli sclerosed 25–50% >50%
AS no both vessels wall thickening and luminal narrowing were slight partial vessels luminal occlusion <= 50% vessels luminal occlusion >50%
NS no thickened tubular basement membranes and hyaline sclerosis surrounding the tubules when examined at 20X the grade1 changes along with interstitial fibrosis could be observed at 4X diffuse tubular atrophy and drop-out with extensive hyaline sclerosis observed at 4X
  1. CI, chronic inflammation, was graded by using random objective 40X microscopic field; GS, glomerulosclerosis, was graded by using 10X objective field; AS, arteriosclerosis, was graded by using 40X field; NS, nephrosclerosis;