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Table 1 Summary of the textural features used for the analysis

From: Radiomics based analysis to predict local control and survival in hepatocellular carcinoma patients treated with volumetric modulated arc therapy

Feature name Symbol/abbreviation
Geometry based and histogram based features
 Entropy Entropy_H
 Energy Energy_H
Gray-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM)
Neighborhood gray-level different matrix (NGLDM)
Grey level run length matrix GLRLM)
 Short-Run Emphasis SRE
 Long-Run Emphasis LER
 Low Gray-level Run Emphasis LGRE
 High Gray-level Run Emphasis HGRE
 Short-Run Low Gray-level Emphasis SRLGE
 Short-Run High Gray-level Emphasis SRHGE
 Long-Run Low Gray-level Emphasis LRLGE
 Long-Run High Gray-level Emphasis LRHGE
 Gray-Level Non-Uniformity for run GLNU
 Run Length Non-Uniformity RLNU
 Run Percentage RP
Grey level zone length matrix (GLZLM)
 Short-Zone Emphasis SZE
 Long-Zone Emphasis LZE
 Low Gray-level Zone Emphasis LGZE
 High Gray-level Zone Emphasis HGZE
 Short-Zone Low Gray-level Emphasis LZLGE
 Short-Zone High Gray-level Emphasis LZHGE
 Long-Zone Low Gray-level Emphasis LZLGE
 Long-Zone High Gray-level Emphasis LZHGE
 Gray-Level Non-Uniformity for zone GLNU
 Zone Length Non-Uniformity Zone Percentage ZP