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Fig. 4

From: Comparative gene co-expression network analysis of epithelial to mesenchymal transition reveals lung cancer progression stages

Fig. 4

The gene expression dynamics and regulatory networks for cell cycle modules in H358 EMT. a The heatmap shows the eigengene expression level across H358 EMT stages for all 7 cell cycle modules. Red: high expression level; Blue: low expression level. b The predicted gene regulatory network controlling the cell cycle modules. Nodes are the transcription factors (TFs). The TFs in the network have significantly large numbers of target genes in the cell cycle modules (p < 0.05). The orange TFs have highly positive correlated expression with cell cycle eigengenes (Pearson correlation coefficient > 0.7), and the light-blue TFs have negatively correlation (Pearson correlation coefficient < −0.7). c The gene expression fold changes by RNAi depletion in M cells relative to E cells. The dashed line highlights the 1-fold of down-regulation

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