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Fig. 2

From: Comparative gene co-expression network analysis of epithelial to mesenchymal transition reveals lung cancer progression stages

Fig. 2

The eigengenes and enriched pathways of gene co-expression modules in H358 EMT. a The heatmap shows the eigengene expression levels across H358 EMT stages for 55 gene co-expression modules. Red: high expression level; Green: low expression level. These eigengenes represent the gene expression dynamic patterns at the system level in H358 EMT. The gene co-expression modules are identified using WGCNA [18]. b The enriched KEGG pathways of gene co-expression modules, which are found by clusterProfiler [20]. The rows are the enriched pathways, and the columns are modules. The dot size is proportional to the modular gene fraction involved in the pathway (i.e., number of pathway genes in the module over number of total pathway genes). The darkness of color is proportional to the enrichment score (adjusted p value)

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