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Fig. 8

From: Decreased expression of the β2 integrin on tumor cells is associated with a reduction in liver metastasis of colorectal cancer in mice

Fig. 8

The reduced expression of tumor β2 integrin limits the infiltration of suppressor immune cells at the early stages of liver colonization. a-c The effects of the partial deficiency of β2 integrin expression on the recruitment of immune cell populations 24 h after i.s. tumor cell inoculation was quantified. Immune cell subsets recruited to the liver were immuhistochemically analyzed by labeling with specific antibodies against CD11b and Ly6G antigens (CD11b+Ly6G+ cells) (a), and CD8 (CD8+ T cells) (b) and CD4 (CD4+ T cells) (c) lymphocytic markers. The quantification of CD4+, CD8+, CD11b+ and Ly6G+ (Gr1+) cell numbers was carried out in 3 different sections per mice, and at least 5 mice per group were used per each experiment and each one was performed 3 times. Data are mean values ± SD from 10 different fields/100 mm2 liver tissue section. Changes were considered statistically significant at *p < 0.05

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