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Table 1 Study measures

From: Partnering around cancer clinical trials (PACCT): study protocol for a randomized trial of a patient and physician communication intervention to increase minority accrual to prostate cancer clinical trials

  Time 0
Time 1
1 week prior to clinic visit
Time 2: Clinic Visit Time 3: Follow-up interview
Patient measures
 Socio-demographics (e.g, age, race/ethnicity, education, income) X    
 Date of prostate cancer diagnosis X    
 Economic burden [97] X    
 Health status [98] X X   
 Health literacy [99, 100] X    
 Trust in the medical profession [101] X    X
 Group-based medical mistrust [102] X    
 Receptivity to discussing a clinical trial [103] X    
 Decisional control preferences [69, 104]   X   
 Patient-Practitioner Orientation Scale [105]   X   
 Self-efficacy with discussing trials   X   
 Positive and Negative Affect Scale (PANAS) [106] X   X  
 Attitudes toward clinical trials   X   
 Trust in a physician [101]   X   
 Perceived racial/ethnic discrimination [107]   X   
 Religiosity [108]   X   
 Spirituality [109]   X   
 Social support [110]   X   
 Decisional control perceptions [111]    X  
 Perceived physician patient-centeredness [112]    X  
 Perceived active participation in the interaction [37]    X  
 Perceived physician patient-centered communication [37]    X  
 Presence of a trial discussion/offer    X  
 Decision about participating in trial offered     X
 Understanding of trial offered [113]     X
 Perceptions of team [114]     X
 Satisfaction with intervention (intervention arm only) [69]     X
 Open-ended questions regarding trial offered     X
Physician Measures
 Socio demographic/professional characteristics (e.g., age, race/ethnicity, years in practice) X    
 Attitudes toward clinical trials [25, 115] X    
 Attitudes toward offering a clinical trial X    
 Decisional control preferences [69, 111] X    
 Patient-Practitioner Orientation Scale [105] X    
 Racial attitudes/symbolic racism [116] X    
 Implicit racial attitudes [117] X    
 Perceptions of patient [67]   X   
 Presence of a trial discussion/offer   X   
 Decisional control perceptions [111]   X   
Observer Ratings of Video Recorded Interactions
 Presence and quality of clinical trial discussion [38]    X  
 Physician patient-centered communication [37]    X  
 Patient active participation in interaction [37]    X