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Table 2 Knowledge and attitude towards breast cancer and breast cancer screening and representative participant quotes

From: A qualitative study on Singaporean women’s views towards breast cancer screening and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) gene testing to guide personalised screening strategies

Quote number Theme Sub-theme Quote
1 Cancer is in everyone   “Everybody has cancer inside our bodies. It is just a matter of when it gets triggered.”
2 Barriers to repeat mammography attendance Laziness “Just lazy, no sense of urgency. But if it happens to me, then maybe I will do it yearly or once every two years.”
3 “Actually, it is not difficult. It is just human nature to be lazy.”
4 Forgetfulness “Sometimes we forget to do so. We tell ourselves that we will book next month and the next thing you know, the whole year is gone.”
5 Discomfort/ Pain “I feel discomfort during the check. They put your breast on the plate and press against it. If the image is not well-taken, you need to repeat the process. I just don’t like it. It is painful.”
6 “The first time it was gentle and not painful, but the second time was very painful. So, I became a bit scared.”
7 “My first mammogram experience was a very painful one. After that, I find that it is not necessary to go. I did not go for one even after five years.”
8 Facilitators to repeat mammography attendance Convenience “When I called up the polyclinic, they referred me to specific locations that perform mammogram. I went to the one with appointment slot and it was very fast.”
9 “These days you can just book or cancel online, it is very convenient.”
10 Prior knowledge “Because to me, it’s expected to be painful, given that something so hard is pressing onto your body. I know it will be over soon.”
11 Pain tolerance “To me it’s bearable, because it’s not like you’re having Caesarean.”