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Table 4 Percentage of drug costs classified by ATC

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of the introduction of S-1 therapy for first-line metastatic breast cancer treatment in Japan: results from the randomized phase III SELECT BC trial

ATC code ATC name Taxane S-1
L01 Antineoplastic agents 66% 59%
M05 Drugs for treatment of bone diseases 10% 16%
N02 Analgesics 9% 3%
L02 Endocrine therapy 3% 9%
A04 Antiemetics and antinauseants 3% 2%
V08 Contrast media 2% 2%
V09 Diagnostic raidopharmaceutical 1% 1%
A02 Drugs for acid and related disorders 1% 1%
  Others 5% 7%