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Table 4 Risk categories according to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Practice Guidelines in 2010 [11]

From: King’s Health Partners’ Prostate Cancer Biobank (KHP PCaBB)

Risk Categories Definition
Localised prostate cancer
 Low risk T1–2, Gleason score 2–6 and PSA <10 ng/ml
 Intermediate risk T1–2, Gleason score 7 and/or PSA 10 to <20 ng/ml
 High risk T3 and/or Gleason score 8–10 and/or PSA 20 to <50 ng/ml
Regionally metastatic/Locally advanced T4 and/or N1 and/or PSA 50 to <100 ng/ml in the absence of distant metastases (M0 or Mx)
Distant metastases M1 and/or PSA ≥100 ng/ml