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Table 1 Characteristics of the ten colon cancer patients participating in the present study and the tumor sample information

From: Long intergenic non-protein-coding RNA 1567 (LINC01567) acts as a “sponge” against microRNA-93 in regulating the proliferation and tumorigenesis of human colon cancer stem cells

Case Gender Age ranges (year) Tumor site Tumor stage Tumor type Differentiation
1 M 50–60 CS I AC Well
2 M 70–80 CS IIIc AC Moderately
3 F 40–50 CA IIa AC Poorly
4 M 60–70 CS IIIb AC Poorly
5 F 60–70 CA I AC Moderately
6 F 50–60 CA IV AC Well
7 F 50–60 CS IIa AC Moderately
8 M 80–90 CA IIIc AC Well
9 M 60–70 CS I AC Well
10 F 30–40 CA IV AC Poorly
  1. CS colon sigmoideum, CA colon ascendens, AC Adenocarcinomas