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Table 2 Gene expression datasets used

From: Gene expression signatures of neuroendocrine prostate cancer and primary small cell prostatic carcinoma

Dataset Platform Source Patients
    NEPC AdCa Ad+NED
Meta-analysis NEPC datasets
 LuCaP xeno Agilent Internal 3 16  
 VPC xeno Agilent GSE41192 2 6  
 MDA xeno Affymetrix 3' GSE32967 3 2 1
 MDA l-CRPC Agilent GSE33277 4 16  
 UM mCRPC Agilent GSE35988 2 33  
 UW mCRPC Agilent GSE66187 2 41 4
Other NEPC and prostate datasets
 SU2C (mCRPC) RNA-seq cBioPortal 5a 113 *
 WCMC (mCRPC) RNA-seq cBioPortal 10a 25 *
 TCGA RNA-seq cBioPortal   333  
 JHU-FFPE Affymetrix Exon GSE104786 16 16 1
 Mayo-FFPE Affymetrix Exon GSE61126   235  
 MSKCC Affymetrix Exon GSE21034   150  
 UW-extra Agilent GSE77930 2 39 2
GRID datasets (FFPE)
 Prospective Affymetrix Exon GenomeDx   2293  
 JHU-RP Affymetrix Exon GSE79958   355  
 Mayo Affymetrix Exon GSE46691   780  
  1. Legend: aNEPCs in SU2C and WCMC included adenocarcinomas with NE differentiation, SCPCs, and LCNECs, but without specification of subtype. NEPCs in other datasets were entirely SCPCs except for one LCNEC sample from MDA xeno