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Table 3 Multivariate analyses for PTTG1IP and securin immunohistochemistry, and established prognosticatorsa

From: PTTG1-interacting protein (PTTG1IP/PBF) predicts breast cancer survival

Securin 2.5 <0.001 1.5-4.1
Tumour size 1.3 0.001 1.1-1.5
Nodal status 2.6 <0.001 1.6-4.1
Histological grade
 grade 1 vs 2-3   NS.  
 grade 3 vs 1-2   NS.  
Intrinsic classification
 Luminal vs others   NS.  
 Triple─ vs others   NS.  
  1. Abbreviations: HR Hazard ratio, P P-value of Wilcoxon's rank sum test, CI = 95% confidence interval, NS No statistical significance
  2. The analysis is based on 401 breast carcinoma patients with up to 22-year follow-up
  3. aAnalysis has been performed on material divided into subgroups with favourable vs
  4. unfavourable prognosis as follows:
  5. PTTG1IP stratified into positive vs negative immunoexpression
  6. Securin stratified into low vs high immunoexpression (<10% vs ≥10% positive cancer cells)
  7. Tumour size stratified into small vs large (≤2cm vs >2cm in diameter)
  8. Nodal status stratified into axillary lymph node negative vs positive
  9. Histological grade stratified into grades 1, 2 and 3
  10. Intrinsic classification stratified into luminal, Her2-amplified and triple-negative