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Table 2 Numbers of microRNAs classified as up-regulated, down-regulated, or not significantly differentially expressed (NS) in tumor relative to normal, at various site / factor level combinations

From: Identifying factors associated with the direction and significance of microRNA tumor-normal expression differences in colorectal cancer

Factor Level Overall  
0 1 Down NS Up Superscripts (and totals) – colors named here are used in later tables, figures, and additional files
b (“blue”) overall significance, with agreement in one factor level and NS in the other (2759)
g (“green”) overall NS, but significant in only one factor level (142)
o (“orange”) overall NS, and significant in opposite directions for factor levels (8)
p (“purple”) agreement in both factor levels (direction or NS), but different from overall (NS or direction) (223)
y (“yellow”) overall significance, with agreement in one factor level but opposite direction in the other factor level (10)
Down Down 4782 1 p p
Down NS 1758 b 44 g  
Down Up 2 y 6 o y
NS Down 387 b 40 g  
NS NS 126 p 1730 96 p
NS Up   34 g 157 b
Up Down y 2 o 8 y
Up NS   24 g 457 b
Up Up p p 2217