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Table 1 Main parameters of model for estimating productivity losses associated with breast cancer in Poland

From: Productivity losses and public finance burden attributable to breast cancer in Poland, 2010–2014

  Parameter (unit) Mean value for years 2010–2014
General economic parameters
Gross domestic product (€) 387,583,804 3531
Per worker gross domestic product (€) 27 1261
Correction coefficient to adjust for decreasing marginal labour productivity 0.65
Exchange rate (zlotys per €) 4.14
Parameters for estimating indirect costs
Absenteeism of the sick Number of absence days 1121 1072
Number of people receiving first-time rehabilitation benefits 2103
Average duration of first-time rehabilitation benefits (months) 7.62
Number of people receiving renewed rehabilitation benefits 755
Average duration of renewed rehabilitation benefits (months) 5.26
Presenteeism of the sick Number of the sick people (5-year prevalence) 68 1263
Employment rate of women at age 25–59 67%
Rate of productivity reduction while working 29,8%4
Caregivers’ absenteeism Number of absence days due to a relative’s illness 5817
Caregivers’ presenteeism Share of employed population that provides informal care to an oncological patient 0.48%5
Number of people who work and provide care for BC patients 34,324
Rate of caregivers’ productivity reduction while working 21%6
Premature mortality Number of deaths at age 18–59 1707
Retirement age for women (years) 60
Economy’s yearly productivity growth for period 2015–20497 2.3%
Disability Number of people receiving disability pensions2,8  
• permanent pension
• temporary pension
Average duration of temporary disability pension in all cancers (months) 18.5
1-year BC survival rate [4] 90.9%
  1. Notes: Unless stated otherwise, all values refer to yearly mean for period 2010–2014; 1 – values in Euro currency (€) calculated using constant average 2010–2014 exchange rate: 4.14 zlotys per €; 2 – real data is used for population insured in the Social Insurance Institution; for those insured in the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund the data is estimated; 3 – real value for year 2012 [30]; for other years the value was estimated; 4 – the average value based on [31,32,33]; 5 – due to a lack of BC-specific data, the rate refers to caregivers in all cancers in Poland [34] and the share of those with BC in total cancer patients is used to estimate the number of working caregivers for BC patients; 6 – due to an unavailability of BC-specific productivity reduction of caregivers, data for all cancers in Poland is used [34]; 7 – the timespan covers the period of potential economic activity of the youngest women who develop BC during the period investigated; based on [35]; 8 – the values show an equivalent of people who are completely unable to work assuming that a partial inability to work corresponds to 0.75 of complete inability to work