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Fig. 1

From: MiR-9, miR-21, and miR-155 as potential biomarkers for HPV positive and negative cervical cancer

Fig. 1

MiR-9, miR-21, and miR-155 expression levels in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) cervical cancer and normal tissue samples. a MiR-9, b miR-21, and c miR-155 expression levels in 52 FFPE cervical cancer tissue samples were significantly different compared to that found in 50 FFPE normal cervical tissue samples (P < 0.0001 for all three comparisons). Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis showed that d miR-9 had an area under the ROC curve (AUC) value of 0.7565 [95% confidence interval (CI) = 0.6624–0.8507], while e miR-21, and f miR-155 had AUC values of 0.8325 (95% CI = 0.7530–0.9120) and 0.8492 (95% CI = 0.7736–0.9249), respectively

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