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Table 4 Metastasis-associated genes that displayed significant changes in expression after Rep stress (but not Acu)

From: Stress alters the expression of cancer-related genes in the prostate

Gene ID/ Accession Gene name Fold change
Con vs Rep
Molecular function/biological process
Ccl7 Q9QXY8 Chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 7 11.00 Cytokine/immune function (chemotaxis)
Il1b Q63264 Interleukin 1 beta 3.84 Cytokine/immune function (inflammation)
Plaur P49616 Plasminogen activator, urokinase receptor 6.63 Transmembrane protein/differentiation
Src Q9WUD9 V-src sarcoma 1.93 Non-receptor tyrosine kinase/proliferation
Tp53* P10361 Tumor protein p53 0.50 Transcription factor/DNA repair, apoptosis
  1. Italicized text denotes genes that remained significantly changed after recovery. Only one gene was found to have downregulated expression (asterisk); bold text denotes genes identified as proto-oncogenes; bold and italicized text denotes tumor suppressor genes. Accession numbers and molecular function/biological process obtained from UniProtKB database