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Table 3 Metastasis-associated genes with significant upregulation after Acu stress (but not Rep), returning to normal after recovery

From: Stress alters the expression of cancer-related genes in the prostate

Gene ID/ Accession Gene name Fold change
Con vs Acu
Molecular function/ biological process
Fgfr4 Q498D6 Fibroblast growth factor receptor 4 3.32 Growth factor receptor/ proliferation
Hpse Q71RP1 Heparanase 2.75 Endoglycosidase/ cell adhesion
Itgb3 Q8R2H2 Integrin, beta 3 2.45 Receptor protein/ cell adhesion, angiogenesis
  1. Accession numbers and molecular function/biological process obtained from UniProtKB database