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Table 3 Correlation between Ad infectivity/gene expression and receptor expression

From: Cytotoxicity of replication-competent adenoviruses powered by an exogenous regulatory region is not linearly correlated with the viral infectivity/gene expression or with the E1A-activating ability but is associated with the p53 genotypes

Tumor type Infectivity Receptor expression Correlation P value
(% positive cells) (% mean fluorescence intensity) coefficient  
Pancreatic carcinoma
  Ad5/GFP CAR −0.13 0.87
AdF35/GFP CD46 −0.20 0.80
Esophageal carcinoma
  Ad5/GFP CAR 0.62 0.07
AdF35/GFP CD46 0.14 0.71
  Ad5/GFP CAR 0.68 0.21
AdF35/GFP CD46 0.72 0.16
  1. Infectivity data and receptor expression levels of respective tumor types (pancreas; 4 cells, esophagus; 9 cells, mesothelioma; 5 cells) are derived from Table 2